Vörösberény (Balatonalmádi)

The settlement belonging to Balatonalmádi had been an inhabited settlement as early as the Roman times. From the Middle Ages, it was been known as "tithe vineyard". At the end of the 19th century, when the vine-pest epidemic had ruined all the vineyards of the region, the owners starded building villas in the hills. The settlement was included in the Balaton ship traffic in 1889, and the railway was built and started in 1909. In the Middle Ages the place was named Szárberény. The history of the construction of the local church consecrated to Saint Martin was clarified in 1969 during an archaelogical excavation. Although the name of the church is mentioned first only in a 1297 document, it can be stated - based on stylistic aspects - that it had been built during the tartar invasions, it was further enlarged at the end of the 13th century, and a gothic tower was added in the 15th century. The display of the mediaeval relics that were found on the site was done during a renovation. The church was under Turkish control in 1567. After 1618 it was used by the Reformed congregation. During the counterreformation movement, in 1625, King Ferdinand II handed it over to the Jesuits. After the revolutionary wars led by Rákóczi, it went over in the possession of the Reformed church again. The renovation of the church in baroque style, and the new ceiling was finished in 1789. The wall surrounding the church was also constructed at this time.

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