Csabrendek - Nyírespuszta

Only five kilometers far from Csabrendek village, this settlement is in the vicinity of bauxite fields. After the discovery of large amounts of bauxite in the region, mining started in 1936. The first mining areas were established near what today is Nagytárkány. Only following this did they encourage the settlement of miners in Nyírespuszta. The first families came from Bazsi and the Sümeg area. The settlement belongs to the Csabrendek parish. The village has no church. The community's house of prayer is in one of the family houses, and has been consecrated to Saint Martin, Bishop of Tours. The altar picture potrays Saint Martin cutting his cloak into two while sitting on a horseback, and the half naked pauper kneeling in front of him. The scene is being witnessed by angels from Heaven. The painting was done by József Bakonyi Piros, in 1948.

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