“How can the settlements around Lake Balaton join the Saint Martin's European Cultural Route?” 

This was one of the topics of discussion held on 18 June 2019 in the Balaton Museum at Keszthely.
However, it was not a completely new initiative, but a continuation of the work that had already begun and setting new goals.
Keszthely had a church dedicated to Saint Martin for centuries, but the old building was pulled down in the 19th century. In 2016 the Keszthely City Protection Association set a memorial at the place of the lost church and started rebuilding Saint Martin's honour, with new content.
It is fortunate that a decade and a half ago Keszthely has been enriched with a unique Saint Martin treasure, when at the Saint Nicholas Cemetery Chapel, formerly believed to be built in the 19th century, being renovated medieval frescoes were found on the outside wall and one of the wall paintings, dated to the 14th century, depicts Saint Martin.
In 2016, a "Saint Martin Architectural Conference" was held and organised jointly by the Keszthely City Protection Association and the Hungarian Association of St. Martin's Way. The event on June 28 was attended by the Keszthely City Protection Association and the Saint Martin's Way Association, as well as representatives from the “Mary Way”, the Hungarian Tourism Agency, Sümeg, Zalaszentmárton, Vörs, Óbudavár and Barnag.
It is envisaged that this autumn the planned "St. Martin's Way of Lake Balaton" program will be launched. 
Hopefully in November, in a new release, an expanded version of “In the footsteps of St. Martin in the Balaton Uplands” will appear.

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