Varaždinske Toplice
Varaždinske Toplice was a popular spa even in Roman times, known by contemporaries as Aquae lasae. Its thermal water was well-known and weil-used also durlng the Middie Ages. The village itself was first mentioned in manuscripts in the 12th century as Toplissa, and the locaí church was referred to as Sancti Martini de Toplica nostra in 1334. The castle and the village ofVarasdteplic were once owned by the Chapter of Zagreb; then the castle was turned into a baroque palace during the 18th century.

St Martin Church was erected in the 15th century, most probablyon the site of a former church. The building was refurbished in baroque style in 1762. The baroque organ was built in 1765 by A. Romer, an organ builder from Graz. The two baroque altars were installed in the early 17005: the works of Venetian Francesco Robba are believed to have been transferred here from Zagreb Cathedral in 1885.

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The St George Abbey of Ják was founded by Marthinus Magnus de Jaak in cca. 1220, and it was consecrated in 1256. Its magnificent recessed doorway is the finest example of Hungary’s Romanesque architecture. The monastery, built adjacent to the church but destroyed in the late 16th century, was the home of Benedictine monks.   .....



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