The name of the village is first mentioned in a document dating back to 1181, as the property of the Crusader Knights of Esztergom and Szentkirály. Tokod had been acquired by the Archbishop of Esztergom in 1595 and had a church built on the site of the Mediaeval ruins. In 1686 during the wars against the Turkish invaders, the settlement was again deserted and ruined, along with the church. From the 1701 church parish census we find out that the owner, the Chapter from Esztergom began the construction of a new church. In 1786, the new master of the village became the priest training institute naped after Saint Stephen of Nagyszombat (Trnava). They finished the construction works of the church in 1886, the church is in the middle of the village. The furniture, the baroque altarpiece, the pulpit and the side altar had been brought from a Pauline church of the Uplands at this time. The picture of the church"s patron saint, Saint Martin portray the scene of the sharing of the cloak in Amiens. The painting can be seen in the upper section of the side altar, in the bell-shaped frame. The settlement had been the succursal church of Dorog for 200 years, beginning from 1723. In 1920 it became a parish, then in 1924 an independent cicarage. Saint Martin's figure had been included into the village's coat of arms after the change of the régime.

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The St George Abbey of Ják was founded by Marthinus Magnus de Jaak in cca. 1220, and it was consecrated in 1256. Its magnificent recessed doorway is the finest example of Hungary’s Romanesque architecture. The monastery, built adjacent to the church but destroyed in the late 16th century, was the home of Benedictine monks.   .....



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