Nagykanizsa - St Martin Hospice Chapel

The chapel was built with adonation from the local church-goers, and the joint support of the town and the Ministry of Welfa re in 1932 The building was planned by a local architect, Barnabás Vécsey, also renowned for planning the Reformist Church and Piarist Chapel in Nagykanizsa. The altarpiece depicting the Division of the Cloak was originally prepared for the chapel built between 1769 and 1971, and belonging to the town's hospice and almshouse. Following the dismantling of the old hospice building, the picture was moved to the small chapel in the newly built hospital in 1884, finally end ing up in its presentday place.

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The St George Abbey of Ják was founded by Marthinus Magnus de Jaak in cca. 1220, and it was consecrated in 1256. Its magnificent recessed doorway is the finest example of Hungary’s Romanesque architecture. The monastery, built adjacent to the church but destroyed in the late 16th century, was the home of Benedictine monks.   .....



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