Nagygyrd - Vek ur

Veký ur (Nagygyröd) came into being 1960 by the union of Horný ur (Felsgyröd), Alsógyröd Dolný ur (Alsógyröd) and Rohonica (Kisgyékényes). The first mentioning of Alsógyröd (Geurud) originates from the 13th century. It had been a vicarage before 1278, but the parish is mentioned only later , in documents dated 1332. The villagehad been the property of the Gyrödy family, belonging to the Léva Castle from 1506, later to become the land of the Esterházy family.  The village was destroyed by the Turks in 1574, thus for a longer stretch of time they did not pay and dues. In 1720 the village had a pub, wine cellars, and 16 households were paying taxes. In 1828 there were 333 people living in the village, in 48 houses. In 177q the Pauline Brethren had built a hospice in the Kisgyékényes area. The original Roman-style church fell into the ownership of the Reformed congregation, up to 1714, from which date the Roman Catholic Church took over again. During these 59 years the church got ruined, thus in 1723 József Hunyadi started the building of a new church. The new Saint Martin church, built in baroque style, was erected in the place of the former Medieval church. It had been repaired several times in the 19th century, in the 20th it was mainly the interior that had been refurbished. The church has one nave, with a polygonal altar, covered with a crescentshaped roof The ceiling itself is straight, the front being ornated by pilasters. The architecture of the tower contributes the overall baroque style of the church. The main altar displays a statue of Bishop Saint Martin.

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The St George Abbey of Ják was founded by Marthinus Magnus de Jaak in cca. 1220, and it was consecrated in 1256. Its magnificent recessed doorway is the finest example of Hungary’s Romanesque architecture. The monastery, built adjacent to the church but destroyed in the late 16th century, was the home of Benedictine monks.   .....



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