St Martin set out from Roman Savaria as a child to make a trip with his parents to Ticinium (Pavia), in Italy on the famous Amber Route, parts of which still can be seen in the village of Nádasd. This Roman route was passing through the area not far from a Romanbuilt construction located on top of a hill and surrounded by a marsh. In the 11th century, there was a different building standing on this very spot: a rotunda with a fortified watchtower, the patron saint of which was St Martin of Tours. The fortified round church standing in the central point of the nearby 10 villages, was known as the parish church of Nádasd, and the family church of the Nádasdy family. It was extended with a longitudinal nave to the west in the 13th century. The rotunda church was dismantled in 1888. The excavations and reconstruction of the foundations were completed in 2003. Bishop St Martin has been considered to be the patron saint of Nádasd for a thousand years now.

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