Harasztifalu was originally a village inhabited by Croats invited there by Péter Erdődy in the mid-1500s. Today only an insignificant number of people speak Croatian. The church was consecrated in honour of St Ladislas, King of Hungary. On the main street (48 Fő utca) there is an exhibition displaying the earlier life and history of the village.
Sight to visit:
- Local history collection "Völgyes Ferenc" - Harasztifalu Fő u. 48.
- St Ladislaus church
Migratory route recommendation
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The St George Abbey of Ják was founded by Marthinus Magnus de Jaak in cca. 1220, and it was consecrated in 1256. Its magnificent recessed doorway is the finest example of Hungary’s Romanesque architecture. The monastery, built adjacent to the church but destroyed in the late 16th century, was the home of Benedictine monks.   .....



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