Diszel (Tapolca)

The name of Diszel is mentioned in old documents as early as 1247. The village was inhabited by royal courtiers in the age of The Árpád-kings. The church is mentioned in the Papal records of 1333 taken for the payment of the tithe, the name of the local priest was Domonkos. Further details regarding the building of the church were uncovered during the recovery of the relics of archaeological findings in 1989. The first church of the settlement was built in the 13th century, in Roman Style, the patron saint being then Saint Martin,Bishop of Tours. The gravestone displayed in the side of the shrine originates from the Roman villa that had been on the same site in the 4th century. Along the southern wall the windows and windowswill-segments that remained from the mediaeval parish church are displayed. The church was seriously damaged during the Turkish wars. It was renovated during the re-building of the village itself, in 1755. The present shape and proportions of the church date back to the 1774 Baroque style renovation. The interior had been painted in 1910. The Church Organ was made in 1892. Zhe main altapiece portrays Saint Martin handing over half of his cloak to the pauper. The village was joined to the town of Tapolca on 1st April, 1977.

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