St Martin Walking Tour

Via Sancti Martini
St Martin Walking Tour

The route
The St Martin Walking Tour (Via Sancti Martini) begins in Szombathely, the former Savaria, birthplace of the holy bishop, and ends in Martjanci/Mártonhely (meaning "Martin's Site") in Slovenia.

Szombathely, St Martin Parish - Ják - Nagykölked - Harasztifalu - Körmend - Nádasd - Pusztacsatár - Velence - Zalalövő - Csöde - Szatta -Ramocsa - Kerkáskápolna - Magyarföld - The hill of Berki - Kercaszomor - Domanjševci / Domonkosfa - Selo - Martjanci.

The tour's full length is about 125 km.

The color of the blaze to follow is yellow stripe in Hungary, red-and-white circle in Slovenia.

Sections of the route
1. Szombathely, St Martin Parish -  Calvary (Martineum) - The woods of Felsőharaszti - Ják (16 km)

2. Ják -  Nagykölked - Harasztifalu (14 km)

3. Harasztifalu - Körmend (7 km)

4. Körmend  -  Hegyalja - Nádasd (8 km)

5. Nádasd -  Vaspör - Pusztacsatár (13 km)

6. Pusztacsatár - Velence - The hill of Haraszti - Zalapataka - Zalalövő (14 km)

7. Zalalövő - Pörgölin - The hill of Pacsa - (Upper) Csöde (6 km)

8. (Upper) Csöde - Szatta - Ramocsa - Kerkáskápolna (13 km)

9. Kerkáskápolna - Magyarföld - The hill of Berki - Haricsa - The site of St Venceslas Church - Kercaszomor, frontier of the country (11 km)

10. Kercaszomor, frontier of the country -  Domonkosfa / Domanjševci, St Martin Church (3 km)

11. Domanjševci/Domonkosfa - - Središce / Szerdahely - Prosenjakovci/Pártosfalva - Selo/Tótlak (10 km)

12. Selo/Tótlak - Zgornji Moravci - Martjanci/Mártonhely (12 km)

[These are the conditions of getting the badge which signifies that you have made the St Martin Walking Tour:
Covering 100 km at least of the sections of the route.
It's up to your decision which part of the route you want to do; new sections will be added to it in time.
If you want to determine the distances you'd like to cover, please take into consideration the kilometer numbers given at the route's sections. The actual distance may differ from the data, depending on the point of departure you are starting from.
You can carry out the tour within as short or as long a period as you like. You are free to follow any section in any order or in any direction.

This is how you can validate your certificate:
There are some checking points with stamps at your disposal. If necessary, you may use other stamps or photos too that can sufficiently identify the place you are at.

Checking points:

1. Szombathely - St Martin Parish ( St Martin Visitors Center)

2. Ják -  the church

3. Harasztifalu - the collection of local history

4. Körmend - "Batthyányi Strattman László" Museum in the castle

5. Nádasd - the church

6. Pusztacsatár - the chapel (or Vaspör)

7. Zalalövő - Roman Museum

8. Csöde - the boarding house "Sárkány"

9. Kerkáskápolna -  the inn "Kurta Kocsma"

10. Kercaszomor - the ruins of St Venceslas Church, or the boarding house "Verolitta"

11. Domanjševci / Domonkosfa - the restaurant "Micka"

12. Selo / Tótlak - the Bureau of Information

13. Martjanci / Mártonhely - the church

Please send or bring your certificate containing the necessary stamps to the "Tourinform Iroda", Király u. 1/a, H-9700, Szombathely. Those who fulfill the St Martin Walking Tour successfully, get a badge.
In case you buy a wanderer's certificate with a serial number on it you dont have to pay for the badge. But if you are using downloaded or Xeroxed "blank" certificates, you have to pay some fee for the badge. Feel free to contact us to share your remarks or suggestions.

Tourinform Iroda
H-9700 Szombathely Király u. 1/a
Phone: 36 94 514-451